Best Women's Running Pants of 2021-Best Running Tights

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Buy durable options that are both stylish and lightweight from brands such as Nike and Lululemon.

The satisfaction of finding the best running pants is unparalleled. Running is an arduous exercise that requires a lot of energy and attention, and in the process of overcoming 5k, the last thing you don't want to worry about is your pants falling off or riding up. The best running pants are designed to work with you in sports activities and "will improve your running ability," said Allison Felsenthal, a UESCA certified running coach and founder and CEO of RunWITALLI LLC Run Coaching. However, finding the perfect running pants is not an easy task.

The seemingly endless selection of pants will make even the most mature runners dizzy. There are many things to remember-fabrics, styles, colors, oh my goodness! ——The shopping process is really overwhelming. This is why we (together with fitness experts) have compiled some of the best.

✔️Consider temperature. "One of the most important factors to consider is the temperature of the environment where you will be running," said Bryan Heiderscheit, professor of orthopedics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and founding director of the University of Wisconsin Healthy Sports Medicine Runners Association. Clinic.

"If you are in a cold place, please choose the option that does not expose your skin. In a warm environment, it may be better to choose loose clothes. Of course, there are tight pants that can also keep you cool," he said. ✔️Check the materials. "For comfort and performance, I recommend looking for pants made of sweat-absorbing materials or Lycra," Felsenthal said. These types of fabrics are favored by runners because of their almost non-existence and lightness. ✔️Try different styles. Felsenthal said: "The last thing you need is to drop your pants during running." "The soft, tight-fitting pants allow me to fully move my joints without worrying about pulling my pants up while running," she explained. . Felsenthal recommends looking for high-waisted pants just above the ankle. "I am a big fan of leggings, which are cut above the ankles to provide comfort and perform a series of exercises while bending and stretching the ankles during running! It also helps to improve performance and prevent injuries," She explained. Below, find our favorite running pants, as well as expert selections and top rated options. Whether you are looking for a pair of fleece-lined leggings to wear during recovery, or leggings with reflective details to keep you safe while running at night, you will definitely find a pair of leggings that you will like.

Felsenthal said: "These are budget-friendly, I really like all the pants they provide for runners." These jogging pants use unique mesh side panels to provide maximum breathability, and the elastic waistband can be adjusted through the internal straps. It has a slim cut and tapered ankle cuff design, which is very suitable for any type of running.

More than 6,000 Amazon customers swear by these Power Flex leggings. These leggings are available in more than 20 shades and are perfect for running. The moisture wicking fabric is designed to wick sweat away from the body through evaporation, and the four-way stretch fabric provides comfort when you move. "These tights are my favorite tight black pants," one customer wrote.

These elastic and soft leggings are a runner's dream come true. The high waistband has the function of controlling the abdomen, can shape your body contour and prevent slipping, while the cool technical fabric makes you feel fresh and comfortable. A satisfied customer wrote: "This material is thick and soft, and it's not too thick to make people feel uncomfortable or hot." "I'm surprised how good they feel because they are so cheap. "

If you like running at night, these pants are for you. They have reflective elements designed to improve visibility and are made with dry laminating technology to keep you cool and dry. We also like to open the bottom leg, it provides a comfortable and breathable fit. "These pants are great," one critic wrote. "Great material, very fit and very comfortable. Everything I have been looking for! They wash and wear very well. I highly recommend it."

These buttery soft leggings are made of a blend of spandex and nylon, which fits the body shape as if it were a second layer of skin. The structured high-waist elastic waistband fits tightly to your body and stays in place. You will also find the side pockets and zippered belt pockets are great for storing essentials (such as cards and keys) on the go.

"I like Epic Fast leggings. They are elastic and dry quickly. During running, I can move my joints in complete comfort," Felsenthal said. "They even have a belt pocket on the back of the pants-perfect for holding small items," she said. They also have a breathable mesh panel to allow air to flow more easily, keeping you cool while running. 

These performance joggers have received a 4.9-star rating and praise from satisfied customers on the brand website. They are designed with 89% recycled polyester fiber and special DreamKnit fabric, which is Vuori's softest high-quality stretch material. Wear them for running or wandering around the house.

These sporty belted jogging pants are available in six different colors and are perfect for any workout. They are soft to the touch, loose fit, and provide comfort and flexibility. Terry cotton fabric is breathable and lightweight, suitable for long-distance running. The brand recommends reducing the size for a slimmer figure, or matching your real size for a relaxed look-although we recommend choosing a slimmer style to avoid falling down!

For strenuous running that requires a lot of sweating and exercise, these jogging pants are made of ultra-smooth fabric to absorb sweat and reduce friction. They also have a high-waisted style, an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring, and side seam pockets. "I like the look and fit," a Nordstrom customer wrote. "They are very comfortable, but they also give off a combined look."

These cropped leggings are made of a unique weightless Nulux fabric, designed specifically for running. "This fast and free high-waisted pants combines perfect elasticity with Lululemon's signature Nulux fabric-it feels like a cloud when I run," Felsenthal said. "These also have ideal cuts above the ankles for better comfort and performance," she added.

These windbreakers are not only quick-drying, but their ultra-quiet and unique tear-resistant nylon material prevents the annoying rubbing sound generated when the legs touch when running. They are lightweight, have an adjustable waist belt, and zipper pockets on the legs. “They make me feel more relaxed than ever before, and if I sweat while wearing them, they will dry out in a few minutes,” wrote an Outdoor Voices customer.

Whether you are warming up or mid-run, Shakeout Pant can provide versatile performance and superior comfort. The design features tapered legs above the ankles and offset zippers, allowing you to easily put on and take off your pants on your running sneakers!