Amazon lady's review of leggings includes mountain fall

2021-11-12 09:28:15 By : Mr. Gavin Song

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An Amazon customer’s funny comment on a pair of seemingly indestructible leggings depicted the wearer rolling down the mountain without tearing them apart. The pound endorsement was initially released in July 2020, but was re-uploaded to Twitter on Saturday, and as of Monday afternoon, it had received nearly 400,000 likes.

"I think about this twice a week," Twitter user @emmycantread wrote. The comment was an unorthodox comment on a "RAYPOSE Women's Yoga Running Tights", which was sold on the e-market for $13.99.

In the sparkling five-star review, titled "Order Now", user Cory H. wrote that she would "re-order pants in various colors."

Then she shared two photos of herself rolling down a rock wall wearing purple stretch pants, described on the website as "non-perspective and four-way stretch." According to reports, the amateur climber was afraid of climbing down steep peaks, so according to comments, she had to slide down the rocks in her abdomen like a human sled.

Although she might tear her pants, the climber's leggings were said to be undamaged during the descent.

"My tights didn't tear at all, I was stuck by rocks and trees," the Amazon fashionista pleased her tights.

The unexpected Raypose model resonated with Amazon, and 15,640 users found her review "helpful".

Social media also praised her.

An impressed fan wrote on Twitter: "I really hope that the company will provide her with free leggings for life in order to gain this kind of reliable recognition." "How can you not be betrayed after reading."

"The people who provide pictures on Amazon are the backbone of society," another gushed.

The resounding endorsement also gave birth to another photo comment, titled "The lady in the mountain sliding tights is right," which showed user Kimberly R. Kelly wearing the same purple tights clinging to the embankment.

"These Raypose leggings from Amazon are as good as the lady in the review said," a spokesperson for the freelance company wrote in a semi-joking post. "I'm glad I bought five!"

Their sisterhood to the indestructible pants is not inferior to this Instagram comment by the trustee of Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, who claims that the makeup is so good that her eyebrows were intact when she came out of the car accident. The attached photo shows that although the woman is wearing a neck brace and has multiple bruises on her head, she still has a flawless eyeliner.