The Perfect Summer Pants For Women | HuffPost Life

2022-07-30 04:17:35 By : Ms. Jessie Zhou

Summer is a time for wandering around farmers markets and eating popsicles for dinner. It’s also a time for being so stinking hot and sweaty, every damn day. You may want to exclusively wear flip-flops, a bathing suit and one of those mini fans you can wear around your neck — but dress codes, “social graces” and general comfort levels are real. If you have to wear pants for work or just prefer a long-legged bottom, it’s helpful to have a few pairs of light, airy and breathable pants to rock during the warmer months.

Often made with linen blends or “sporty” performance fabrics, these pants physically cover you without making your legs feel like they’re in a sauna. Lightweight pants are also ideal for traveling — especially to places with more culturally modest clothing. They don’t take up a lot of space and dry quickly in inclement weather. Also, unlike more structured clothes that kind of depend on irons and steamers, lightweight pants are meant to be a little scrunched. Nothing gives those coveted Coastal Grandmother vibes more than well-worn linens.

To help you stay cool and covered this summer, we’ve rounded up the best lightweight, breathable pants. They range in price, style, cover and vibe to meet all your summer pants needs.

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