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2021-11-12 10:12:19 By : Ms. Eleven Zhong

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In the past few months, many of us have been “dressing up for revenge” and may not even realize it. The first time I heard this term was when I went to New York to participate in Fashion Week. It aroused my interest, so I did some research. It turns out that dressing up for revenge is nothing new.

Today, retaliatory dressing is emerging in the way we approach fashion after the pandemic... COVID retaliation. Our clothing is the external expression of emotions shaped by the experiences we have missed in the past year and a half. It deliberately wears bold, luxurious, expressive and absolutely colorful clothing. It is only slightly "extra" and "complete".

In the past 18 months, women went out fashionable after wearing casual or business casual clothes indoors (below the waist). We enjoyed the preparation work and looked forward to dressing for the event and uniting in a big way.

The numbers will not lie! In 2021, the global fashion search platform Lyst recorded a 197% increase in online searches for high heels and a 176% increase in online searches for dresses.

Once I realized this concept, I realized that many of us are dressed up for revenge, whether we intend it or not! We are using our daywear, work clothes and elegant clothing to make up for lost time. We are celebrating the return of the event and the opportunity to come out from behind the mask. As a result, fashion bursts at the seams!

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In 1994, Diana, Princess of Wales, wore a stunning low-cut black dress for the first time at a dinner party at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. The term "revenge dress" appeared for the first time. (You know that! Diana walking out of the car in this dress will always be an iconic moment in the fashion world.) This dress was interpreted as being worn "in revenge" on the night when her husband Charles admitted to adultery on TV .

Fast forward to 2021, and revenge dressing has become a fashion statement. However, women did not insist on Prince Charles, but wore cropped trousers to make up for lost time.

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Many women are taking more fashion risks and are determined to have a little fun in their choices-whether it is trying colors that will never be worn before the pandemic, or going all out for special occasions on high-end items that were previously reserved .

Revenge Red! She looks powerful and is decorated in bold colors from this season from head to toe. Image: Alice Olivia

Don't be afraid to shine! Metallic colors are a great way to inject some polishing fun into other neutral looks. Picture: Alice Olivia and AllSaints

This longline coat brings a little extra attitude! Picture: ALC

Skip the yoga pants! Choose polished daily styles with neutral and popular elements to create a "perfect" day look. Picture: Veronica Beard and FRAME

Vegan leather opens up a world of choice, with easy-to-use animal-inspired textures and colors! Picture: Rotate

Pull out the stop with artificial leather and fur. Don't be afraid to double up! Picture: Saks Fifth Avenue

Self-expression...perfect revenge! Image: Kate Spade

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Google defines popular retaliatory dress as "melodrama and excess," which is actually supported by financial data on the habit of "retaliatory shopping". In 2021, the global fashion search platform Lyst recorded a 197% increase in online searches for high heels and a 176% increase in online searches for dresses.

This dress is colorful, with a lace overlay and a flowing velvet belt. Picture: Bergdorf Goodman

This eye-catching blue dress is perfect for high-end casual occasions. Picture: ZARA

High heels and tassels give this boot personality, while the neutral color makes it a versatile choice. Picture: Bergdorf Goodman

This perfectly chic heel comes from Nordstrom's new collection of Mach and Mach, and is lined with pearl and rhinestone details. Picture: Nordstrom

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Super-top personality accessories appear in current trends, and these are some of the favorites I have seen recently. They must be a bit too much-but very good. Big revenge!

This Moschino snap-on hair dryer novelty bag is a bit wild, but very interesting! (And our hair dryers have seen more movements recently!) Picture: Moschino

These fur shoes will give you a vengeful wearing experience in the cooler months. (Be sure to check the weather forecast before shaking shoes like this!) Picture: Tibi

Even practical staples like rain boots have a little extra fun! Picture: Nordstrom

Revenge dressing embraces our joy, hope, and confidence through fashion. We have missed a lot, and retaliatory dressing is a trend we are accepting-even if only by accident. It feels great to go out, live a life, and make a bold statement in our style. Accept it!

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