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2021-11-12 09:27:45 By : Mr. Yidaxin Shenzhen

News...but not what you know

Like your comfortable sweat-proof sportswear, but not sure what they are made of?

Due to its elasticity and moisture-wicking properties, many fitness clothing are made of harmful man-made materials, such as polyester, elastic fiber, and nylon.

However, these clothes can be made from many more sustainable materials, such as recycled synthetic materials (including nylon fishing nets) and natural fibers such as merino wool and bamboo.

We have selected six environmentally friendly options to help you get started:

Use these award-winning 50% recycled yarn running socks to step on the earth more easily (due to structural reasons, they can't make a whole socks out of recycled fabrics).

It has a reinforced heel to protect the delicate skin from friction.

Buy it from Runderwear for £12

Coffee can block unpleasant odors, so it is an ideal ingredient for exercise equipment. The recycled ground is treated in an energy-saving manner.

This fabric is very soft, softer to wear than cotton, and dries faster, while coffee grounds also provide UV protection.

Buy it from Sundried for £20

This looks and feels like heavy silk, but it is actually made from more than 78% recycled yarn, which is made from discarded fishing nets.

And its structure is very beautiful-the top is like a brand-name product, not fitness equipment, and the built-in bra can be lifted and covered. It also protects against UV rays.

Purchased from Lagatta for £82

These leggings have built-in absorbency and are suitable for moderate to heavy flows, saving sanitary wear and exercise equipment.

Washable and reusable, they also have leak-proof gussets and high waist with drawstrings to fit snugly.

Buy it from Modibodi for £55

Merino wool is an excellent ecological fabric. Completely natural, it does not release plastic microfibers, and it also has the genius of being warm in winter and cool in summer. Durable, light and soft.

Buy it from Icebreaker for £65

These organic bamboo fiber sports basic models have celebrity fans such as Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski.

Whether you are a supermodel or not, thick and comfortable leggings can effectively smooth the contours. Or, if you want, "they will be fixed to your hips and abdomen", is this worth paying attention to.

Buy it from Boody for £64.76

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